Learn to code and change your life!
Join our innovative program for learning the most relevant practical skills needed to land a job in software development in 2020. The focus of the program will be working on real projects based on the Javascript stack and learning to solve the problems that software developers solve every day. Do not expect the old fashioned teaching style like in a school, but rather much more effective modern hands-on project learning.
You are a total beginner
You want to become a programmer but you don't know almost anything about it. With us beside learning a programing language, you will use the tools and practices developers use daily.
You are not sure it's for you
You are not sure if programming is for you. Join one of our teams with a leader and experience how an average day of programmer feel.
You need a mentor
You want to learn but you don't know where to start. Our industry experts will guide you and provide feedback on your every step.
You want more experience
You maybe have a little experience, but that is not enough to get a job. Work with us on more projects, make a beautiful portfolio and get advice for job search and interviews.
Real projects
Most of the learning will be through working on real projects that you can later use to ace your job interviews.
Small teams
The size of your team will be 5-8 people, which is a typical size of a real software development team.
Work from home
This is a 100% remote program because we want you to spend time practicing instead of commuting, and develop skills to work with teams from all around the world.
Practice English
With this program you get two trainings in one, programming and English. English will be the official language of the course, due to its importance in IT, with optional Serbian when necessary.
Leader, not a teacher
You will learn from a leader that is an industry expert, and not only a theory teacher.
Money back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the value that our program provides you at any point, you can get your last monthly payment back, no questions asked.
Understand and speak basic English
Available three times a week
Stable internet connection
Be ready to do homework
July 13th - Last day for submitting applications
July 27th - Start of the program. 3 times a week, totalling around 8 hours per week. Days and times are flexible, you can choose your prefered ones in your application form.
The end of the program is not strictly defined. The plan is that you start looking for a job after three months. By then you should have a couple of projects in your portfolio, and we will help you prepare a proper CV for landing the job interviews. Someone might get a job in a couple of months, and for someone it might take half a year, a year, depends how much work you put into completing the tasks that we give you. You can stay and learn with us until you find a job or you feel confident enough to continue learning and job search on your own.
 € 300 / month 
€ 200* / month
*only for early birds until July 6th