React Software Engineer - Mentor

Remotely is a software development company based in Serbia, with a 100% remote working culture. After a couple of years of working remotely and using that freedom to travel and work from different parts of the world, the founder was inspired to set on a mission to offer such a chance to young people who want to stay in Serbia or travel around the world and build world class careers and success. We intend to acheive this by organizing a mentoring program Code Nomad that will provide people with practical technical knowledge, enable them to find solutions independently and in a short time help them develop a skillset that will make them competitive on the world level. The program will be nothing like the old-fashioned school teaching, but rather focused on trainees mostly independently solving problems, and mentors will be there to lead, supervise, advise and help teams come to the solution. We are looking for mentors with practical experience in working on real scenario business projects to lead trainees of our program. Goal for the year 2020 is to train 100 young people and give them a chance to build a brighter and more independent future for themselves. Since we deeply value our mission and goals, we want to make sure to hire thorough and really interested people, so we kindly ask you to include the word strawberry in the title of your application email, otherwise your application will not be considered.

This position will start as part-time, with an option to extend to full time position, depending on your interest and preferences. As a leader of a team of trainees, if you are interested, you will have freedom to choose a project that the team will be working on, as well as a chance to grow your leading and managing skills. Your main responsibilities would be the following:

Must have

Good to have


Being software engineers in Serbia, we got a good piece of cake for ourselves, right? But we also got the power to make others' lives better. If you believe that we can make a change together, that we can make people's lives better, and you are ready to put your best ideas in that, send us a CV on before July 12th, 2020.